TransparentSea – new wiki website

This site has been ‘under construction’ for a while. We are developing a new site using mediawiki in collaboration with other organisations. The new wiki website will be launched during 2012, and until then no new posts will be added here. Cheers, Andre.

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Access to information survey: Summary of methods and results

Last year TransparentSea implemented an ‘access to information survey’ in 12 African countries. Several publications are in the pipeline that discuss the implications of this survey and provide a discussion on related policy. However, the following document provides a brief summary of the methods and results.

“Access to information: Survey methods and results


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New data on Spanish and Italian fishing in third countries

The “Cluster de Empresas Pesqueras en Países Terceros” has recently shared new data on the activities of its members in foreign countries. This is an industry organisation with 118 members with 321 boats operating in the seas of non-European countries. The data made available includes a list of the vessel names, the companies that they operate under in third countries, aggregated catch data and information on the number of people employed on these boats from the EU and from foreign countries. Continue reading

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Access to information survey complete…

Last year TransparentSea implemented an access to information survey in 12 African countries. Many thanks to those who participated.

A short article describing the results and implications of the survey is being published by the International Collective in Support of Fishworkers in their journal “Samudra“. The article will appear in the next edition of Samudra in March, and I hope to publish a copy here very soon.

A longer article entitled ‘On access rights and the human rights approach to fisheries’, that draws on this survey, will be submitted to an international journal on fisheries this year. A draft version will be posted here shortly and anyone interested in this work can contact me directly.

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Chinese fishery agreement in Mauritania – $100 million for 25 years. Access the documents here

Last year the Mauritanian government signed a controversial fisheries agreement with a Chinese state fishing company – Poly Hon Don Fisheries. the agreement allows up to 50 Chinese boats access to Mauritania’s waters for the next 25 years, with seemingly poor regulations to limit fishing intensity. In return the company has committed to investing 100 million dollars in Mauritania’s fishing sector. Continue reading

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DG-MARE provide 6 new ex ante evaluations of EU access agreements

Following the request for documents held by DG-MARE last year on EU fisheries access agreements, ClientEarth and TransparentSea made a follow-up application. This time we  narrowed the request to 6 evaluations to make life easier for DG-MARE and preempt their argument that our request was too time consuming to respond to (which was the case last time). Continue reading

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Making transparency work in Africa’s fisheries: New publication by U4 Anti-corruption resource centre

I have recently published a report on transparency and fisheries in Africa. It provides a discussion on the problems associated with poor levels of access to information in fisheries management, and also the limits and limitations of transparency reforms. It concludes with some policy recommendations. A shorter ‘policy brief’ was also published after this report by U4, which considered the possibility of extending the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to fisheries.

Making transparency work in Africa’s fisheries

What’s the catch? Considering an EITI for fisheries

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