Seminar report: Transparency and the reform of the EU CFP

On the 26th of February TransparentSea and the Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements hosted a seminar at the European Parliament. The seminar brought a diverse group of people together to discuss access to information in fisheries and to consider how the current review of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy could help advance transparency. The European Commission will shortly publish a communication on the CFP, including the ‘external dimension’. Of particular interest to many stakeholders is how the EU will reform its Fisheries Partnership Agreements with developing countries and whether the EU can help improve transparency of fisheries in countries in Africa and the Pacific. Below is a summary of the meeting, which was held under Chatham House rules, as well as selected presentations.

EU & Transparency in fisheries-meeting report. 02.2011


1. Transparency & Pacific Island States, by Amanda Hamilton, independent fisheries expert, Trinidad and Tobago

2. Transparency & Illegal fishing: The FAO’s Global Record, by Shaun Driscoll, FAO, Rome.

3. Transparency & EU fish subsidies: the case of ‘’, by Markus Knigge, Pew Environment Group, Belgium.

4. Transparency and the role of the World Bank in Africa: Towards and Fisheries Industries Transparency Initiative, by Xavier Vincent, World Bank, Washington.

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