Submission on fisheries for new global initiative on Open Government

An ambitious global initiative is set to be launched this year to improve government transparency and accountability. The initiative is being driven by the government of the United States, working closely with many other countries, civil society organisations and international donors. Although full details of this initiative are still to be published, various organisations have been approached to provide proposals for particular areas of government responsibility. TransparentSea was delighted to be asked to submit a proposal on marine fisheries, which is available below. 

The aim of the proposal is to put forward ideas on what steps governments can take to become more open and accountable. Submissions made to the initiative should identify initial steps and more ambitious steps. the TransparentSea proposal focusses on bi-lateral fisheries agreements, licensing and catch quotas, illegal fishing, subsidies and financial reporting.

The submission remains a ‘working document’. Comments and inputs on the submission are very much welcome. There may be very different ideas on what type of information should be considered a priority for transparency in fisheries, and how this information should be made public. I think those interested in this issue should see this planned ‘open government initiative’ as an excellent opportunity for fisheries governance reform, and I hope we can exchange ideas and perhaps re-work the submission over the next few weeks.

Open Government Initiative – proposal on marine fisheries

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