Chinese fishery agreement in Mauritania – $100 million for 25 years. Access the documents here

Last year the Mauritanian government signed a controversial fisheries agreement with a Chinese state fishing company – Poly Hon Don Fisheries. the agreement allows up to 50 Chinese boats access to Mauritania’s waters for the next 25 years, with seemingly poor regulations to limit fishing intensity. In return the company has committed to investing 100 million dollars in Mauritania’s fishing sector.

The agreement signed between the Chinese company and Mauritania was confidential, but a member of parliament leaked a copy to local media. Here are two documents related to this agreement:

Investment Protocol – PolyHondone, Mauritania

Fisheries convention, Polyhondone, Mauritania.

You can also read an paper on this agreement by a Mauritanian fisheries expert, Dr Mahmoud Cherif, published originally by the Coalition for Fair Fisheries Arrangements.

Cherif: Analyse_Convention_Chine_Mauritanie

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