New data on Spanish and Italian fishing in third countries

The “Cluster de Empresas Pesqueras en Países Terceros” has recently shared new data on the activities of its members in foreign countries. This is an industry organisation with 118 members with 321 boats operating in the seas of non-European countries. The data made available includes a list of the vessel names, the companies that they operate under in third countries, aggregated catch data and information on the number of people employed on these boats from the EU and from foreign countries.

The cluster on fishing companies in third countries does not represent all European owned companies with investments in foriegn countries, but it does cover a large number of these. There may be at least another 600-650 European owned fishing boats that operate in foreign waters, through access agreements, private licenses, joint ventures and Regional Management Fishing Organizations.

The decision to share this data by the cluster should be congratulated. Responsible fishing practices requires transparency, and the industry obviously appreciates this. We look forward to more information sharing by EU companies and companies from other regions!

Vessels, beneficial owners, country.

Vessels, owners and employment

Aggregated catch data

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